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Here at Nemecorp we pride ourselves on quality customer service.  One of the ways we do this is by getting all the information we need from our customers in order to give them a fast and detailed quote.  Below are 4 steps to submit a quality quote request which will ensure a quick and detailed response.  


Mock ups and art

Screen printing is a visual business.  Sending us artwork on a digital t-shirt, otherwise known as a mock up, allows us to visually see what the print looks like and see how you want the design placed on the t-shirt.  Please save this in jpeg form.  Also include the working art file.  This will see what type of format your file is.  Adobe Illustrator vectorized art is always best but Adobe Photoshop is fine as well.  If using Photoshop make sure all colors are on their own layers, art is min. 300 dpi, and your art board is the actual size you want it printed.  


How many shirts?

Quantity is a major price driver in screen printing.  The more shirts the cheaper the price.  When sending your design for a quote please make sure to include your exact shirt count, PER DESIGN, and also let us know if you are providing the shirts.  If you would like Nemecorp to provide them make sure to include the shirt brand and style #.


Send us the Quote

Once you have this information together simply use the form below and a Nemecorp Representative will get back to you shortly.  Remember, the more information the better.  Please email us your quote request or if you have any questions!  

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